Columbia, South Carolina (October 30, 2009) - A local employee of Wackenhut Services, Inc, a security service provider contracted with Fort Jackson, is fighting back against compulsory unionism after union officials illegally attempted to have him fired from his job for refusing to pay forced union dues. San Diego, CA (October 7, 2009) - National R… Read More

Relaxing beforehand is the best way to avoid jet lag. When you cross time zones, the new timing of night and day won't be aligned with your own body clock. Waking up early also helps you fall asleep on local time that next night. I've been back for 4 days and have not been able to sleep for more than 3 hours. Ten Tips to Help Combat Jet Lag.” Sle… Read More

eLYQD is á decentralized ethereum baséd ecosystem market place that will be the framework fór the whole vaping sector. One of the main features of éLYQD can be the utilization of blockchain technology, which allows making the system transparent, open ánd as safe as possible for both transaction partiés, reduced amount of transaction and busin… Read More

Growing up, I always had a pack of people cheering me on in whatever endeavor I sought out. This is why family literacy programs emphasize teaching families together and ensuring that the parents understand the importance of reading outside of a school environment. Most importantly, family literacy should include story-telling and be inclusive of c… Read More