Star: The original Dodge was a circle, with two Greek deltas intertwined representing the letter " D ", 35 forming a six-pointed star in the middle; an interlocked "DB" was at the center of the star, and the words "Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles" encircled the outside edge.Ransom E. Olds had left the company four years before that, dismayed that the… Read More

Are you thinking about installing cellular blinds in your home? Many homeowners become stuck trying to pick between cellular and roller blinds. Unique top down bottom up shades are perfect for rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms where you want privacy, but still want to enjoy the sunshine. Lighter and less expensive than traditional wood blinds, … Read More

Are you thinking about installing cellular blinds in your home? Roman blind manufacturers offer other options that provide style and functionality to the room's decor. For larger windows, vertical blinds can offer extra privacy with their striking linear design feature. I'm not sure what I'd put in the downstairs, but whatever is was, it'd be easil… Read More

Howdoo is an innovative instant messaging and social media platform, built on the blockchain. Howdoo has good people in the team and they have a proven track record - Angelo Dodaro (Adbank) is an adviser. Advertisers who choose the Howdoo platform are also guaranteed maximum reach to their exact target audiences. So we're very much focusing on the … Read More

When asked today what a football hooligan is, many sports fans - especially those under the age of 50 and living outside of Europe - may scratch their heads and admit that, despite having heard the term before, they are not exactly sure what it means. Babchenko said: 'They Ukrainian Secret Service came to me a month ago, they said that there is an … Read More