Howdoo ICO (UDOO) ICO Rating And Details

Howdoo is an innovative instant messaging and social media platform, built on the blockchain. Howdoo has good people in the team and they have a proven track record - Angelo Dodaro (Adbank) is an adviser. Advertisers who choose the Howdoo platform are also guaranteed maximum reach to their exact target audiences. So we're very much focusing on the nano influences, because we believe the ecosystem … users are there, they want to consume content.

In this modern era, social media networking is become very popular and almost every people have at least 1 social media account. Howdoo is a massively player in the social media game especially considering the facebook scandal and the idea of have basically 3 already made social media platforms in one.

It's a social media landslide that i think HowDoo will drag it ip to the modern age and lead the way. Content creators who are responsible for driving traffic across the platform can be rewarded. One of the world's leading crypto influencers talks user expectations, market forces, and the Howdoo network.

TrackICO - a platform that was established to provide its users reliable information about the best Initial Coin Offering projects and help ICOs attract more investors. This transaction is controlled by smart contracts, allowing users to transparently see how much they can earn for each advertising interaction.

There's a lot of players aiming to win the race to be the world's next major social media platform but what you're not seeing is a user-centric approach that can only be embraced by the blockchain. The USP of the platform is that personal data of the user can be taken back by them anytime.

Consumers that allow their data to be monetized with ads on HowDoo will receive kickbacks from the platform as a part of holistic approach to community growth. And, like many other ICOs, the platform is using the popular Ethereum blockchain. Howdoo is a revolutionary new messaging and social media network that leverages the blockchain.

Howdoo authorizes the user to choose whether they would like advertisements on their experience with the social network platform and will be rewarded if they do. Furthermore, personal data is in the control of the user and not sold to advertisers, where usually centralized social networks sell for their own financial gain, but Howdoo also provides an extra level of control for personal data being exposed to advertisers.

Howdoo is using a blockchain-based network of financially incentivized social communities whose purpose is to enable users to earn a share of the advertising revenues generated from their contributions to the network. To celebrate, HowDoo is generously giving away $65,000 worth of their uDoo token to members of both communities in a contest (more info below).

But I strongly want to state here: we're not building HowDoo to be this secret society social platform, yeah? HowDoo is airdropping $1,000,000 worth of uDoo tokens to Telegram users. And what we'll be doing, and this really goes into more like data management, content management, IP controls, etc., is that we'll be pulling back the statistics on anything that gets pushed out onto these other social networks as well.

Content creators will earn a minimum of 60% of the advertising rebate generated on the platform. I think it is high time to create a social network with many functions for many people with different interests and i hope there will not be fake accounts with cheaters.

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